Royal Copenhagen Jólaplatti 2021 Royal Copenhagen


Royal Copenhagen
Jólaplatti 2021 Royal Copenhagen

Hönnuður: Allan Therkelsen
Þvermál: 18 cm
Má fara í uppþvottavél

On a branch among the birch trees of the garden, the little wren keeps a close eye on the bird table, ready to enjoy his next meal. But the wren never worries about his next meal; he overwinters in Denmark and is accustomed to sharing the treats of
the bird table with his friends of the forest. The Royal Copenhagen Annual Plates have been issued every year since 1908. The relief for the motif has been hand-cut by Royal CopenhagenÆs talented modelling artists based on a drawing of the motif by
artist, Allan Therkelsen, and the relief has been cut according to proud craftsmanship traditions. Again this year, the Royal Copenhagen Annual Plate is accompanied by a figurine.